Class models

ChefLab’s exclusive curriculum compliments its “Learning Then Lab” twice-a-week class model. Before entering the kitchen-lab, children are presented with Montessori-style custom made materials designed to pique their curiosity and invite independant activity. Once mastered, ChefLab’ers remove their lab coats, don their chef-hats, and return to experiment with edible ingredients to apply what they’ve learned – ChefLab style.

What You Will Learn

cheflab geology-330
We travel back to Earth from space and dive into our planet in depth, discovering that our planet is in a constant state of change.
Ages: 7-10
“If the idea of the universe is presented in the right way, it will do more than arouse interest, it will create admiration and wonder"
Ages: 7-10
When life gives you lemons, ChefLab gives you lightbulbs. OK, lemonade and baked potatoes too!
Ages: 7-10
A Biome is a large community of animals and plants that occupy a large habitat. Biomes of the world are a wonderful way of seeing living things come together to exist and adapt as one whole.
Ages: 7-10
its alive Montessori Education
We explore lifecycles all around us as we discover the interconnectedness between all things - gaining a deeper understanding of nature’s part in the circle of a life, and vice versa.
Ages: 7-10
The living world can be classified into two major categories: Plants and Animals. Our introduction to the living world begins with Botany – The plant Kingdom.
Ages: 7-10
We begin to study the human body learning about the each of our five senses, soon-after shifting to the study of internal anatomy. Together we study to the major body systems, internal organs, and their functions within the body. 
Ages: 7-10
We begin our study of the animal kingdom with the 5 classes of vertebrates and move onto invertebrates, exploring species belonging to each class and the characteristics that differentiate them from the others.
Ages: 7-10
We explore the characteristics of living things and how to classify between living organisms and non living objects while discovering the interconnectedness between them.
Ages: 7-10