Special Events

Our Special Events

Welcome to ChefLab special events!  ChefLab offers a buffet of events including parent workshops, Montessori demonstrations, holiday workshops, camps, and birthday parties! Birthday parties and private workshops are catered to your personal preferences and can be planned together with you and your child. Events range between ages 2 –120 and are conducted in Hebrew or English.

Birthday Party Packages

We offer an array of private birthday party package for ages 3-12. Parties range between 2-4 hours. 

Science Party:
This is who we are what we pride ourselves on! Our Cheflab party themes include: Geology, Matter and Astronomy, Biomes, Botany,  Zoology and Biology. 

Custom Party:
Science is awesome but we happily put our fully stocked kitchen and creative minds to other uses. ChefLab will set aside lab coats and plan a custom made birthday party with you!
Themes include pizza, sushi, pasta, ice cream and more. 

Parent Friday Workshops

Parent Workshops for tips on cooking with your children and instruction for using Montessori Materials at home are offered once a month on Fridays. Themes include Knife Skills for children, Popular nutrition misconceptions and how to limit “sweet” battles with your child.
Here’s a tip.. Ketchup is far less healthy than many coco based desserts. Minimize supermarket tantrums – it’s probably not worth it! 

Guided Montessori

New to Montessori and looking for some answers? We offer Montessori FAQs, How to’s such as: How to use and create Montessori materials, How to combine Montessori methodology with traditional education at home, Montessori by age – How to make sure you’re challenging your child appropriately according to their age and skill level and more. 

Ready, Camera, Action!

We are adapting to the new reality of living in a virtual 2020 and offering virtual classes.
We will provide you with all the ingredients you need. (You’ll have the option to receive the ingredients as a list to purchase on your own or delivered to you for an additional charge – price for delivery varies on number of participants).
Before the event we will “meet” to plan and design your ZoomLab event together. See you on-screen!


ChefLab camps and workshops run on most school holidays including but not limited to Jewish holidays and summer vacation! Camp runs from 9:00-14:00 where we creatively connect the theme of the holiday to our science curriculum -covering a large range of science topics on speed! 

Come visit a sample class

Choosing where to send your child is a big deal. We appreciate your trust in us and don’t take it for granted! New to Montessori methods of education? Nervous about your child in the kitchen? Simply want to taste before you commit? No Problem! Come and experience who we are, what we do, and how we can best meet your child’s needs.

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