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ChefLab’s exclusive curriculum compliments its “Learning Then Lab” twice-a-week class model. Before entering the kitchen-lab, children are presented with Montessori-style custom made materials designed to peak their curiosity and invite independant activity. Once mastered, ChefLab’ers remove their lab coats, don their chef-hats, and return to experiment with edible ingredients to apply what they’ve learned – ChefLab style.

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Our combined once-a-week Learn & Lab class model combines group presentation with edible experimentation to provide a more traditional taste of both dimensions.

325₪ Per Month

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Made up of group presentation and edible experimentation, our combined once-a-week Learn & Lab class model provides a traditional taste of everything ChefLab has to offer

325 ₪ Per Month

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Our Montessori style twice-a-week class model.

530 ₪ Per Month

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