Welcome to MamaLab!

MamaLab is a co-working space designed for the working parent. Whether you are a stay at home mom/dad or simply weaning off maternity leave, our goal is to cater to as many needs a parent could have at a co-working space. We do our part to make your professional life more convenient by providing onsite childcare for you as you work

Working Remotely Or Remotely Working?

At MamaLab you can free up your morning coffee time (remember what that is?) and leave your adorable little bandits with trusted childcare providers as you get the job done. If working with your young children at home, paying for private babysitters, or taking them to a daycare across town doesn’t sound like the best use of your time, or your resources, you’ve come to right place!

Behind door number one, children are supervised by trusted caretakers and enjoy our Montessori inspired ChefLab studio – ideal for open play and stocked with age appropriate materials.

Behind door number two, parents focus on getting work done. Productively. Parents are welcome to drop in at any time to check on their children and participate in their care.

The MamaLab workspace includes both shared and semi-private offices, high speed internet, and a separate room for nursing mothers to nurse their little ones comfortably.

The best part? MamaLab members enjoy a 10% discount on all ChefLab afternoon programs including Tzaharon, Chugim, birthday parties, and parent workshops. It should go without saying that as an extension of ChefLab, we provide a fully equipped kitchen and coffee section available all morning.


Memberships are offered on a six month, three month, or single month basis

Full Membership

Six Month

Private:  5,800₪ per month

Shared Office: 4,750₪ per month 

Three Month

Private:  6,200₪ per month

Shared Office: 5,100₪ per month

One Month

Private:  7,250₪ per month

Shared Office: 6,000₪ per month

 * All prices include VAT *

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