Welcome to CoLab!

CoLab is a co-working space designed for the working parent. We collaborate with postpartum professionals and their employers to help make returning to work more efficient.

Our goal is to cater to as many needs a new parent could have at a co-working space to comfortably enhance performance.

Our mission is to support a family oriented and career driven work-life balance by providing a professional environment with onsite childcare.

Working Remotely Or Remotely Working?

Let’s face it, working with young children at home, paying for private babysitters, and getting to daycare across town (or calling your mother in law), doesn’t sound like the best use of time or resources. We understand the challenge this presents to employees and employers alike and are here to make working while nurturing more effective.

Behind door number one, children are supervised by trusted caretakers and enjoy our creative Montessori inspired studio. Behind door number two, parents focus on getting work done. Productively.

Prioritizing convenience and practicality, the MamaLab workspace includes:

  • Shared and private offices
  • High speed internet
  • Stroller accessibility
  • Nursing areas
  • Sleep room with sound machine
  • Two kitchens (one per area)
  • Open coffee supply
  • Storage solutions 

Memberships are offered on a six month, three month, or single month basis

Full Membership

Six Month

Private:  5,800₪ per month

Shared Office: 4,750₪ per month 

Three Month

Private:  6,200₪ per month

Shared Office: 5,100₪ per month

One Month

Private:  7,250₪ per month

Shared Office: 6,000₪ per month

 * Prices include VAT *

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Questions (and answers!)

Co.Lab caters to children between the ages of 3 months and 18 months.

Yes. Parents are provided with a fully equipped workspace within the Co.Lab facility. Our goal is to help facilitate a smooth transition for both parent and child.Drop-off and leave is not our thing. 

Co.Lab is open from 8:00-14:00 Sunday – Thursday.
Remember that you are present alongside your child for the full six hours. We understand the need for some parents to work a longer day and have found that at this young an age the later hours become cranky and difficult for both child and parent.
Ending our days productively on a well rested high is key when creating positive associations with separation and strengthening secure attachment.

Co.Lab provides separate areas within the same complex for offices and childcare.
We work together with each family to follow individual routines and meet your preferences to the best of our ability.
This allows parents to focus 100% on their work with the peace of mind that their children are safely supervised and engaged in our Montessori-inspired studio nearby.

Adaptation can be an adjustment for both parent and child and is why we believe in consistent membership plans.
In order for a child to securely part from their parents when in such close proximity, let alone allow someone else to put them down for a nap, it is essential that they build a rapport and bond with their caretaker. On average this can take up to two weeks and varies for each child/parent.

CoLab primarily offers full-time memberships in one-month, three-month, and six-month increments.
However, we provide split memberships for two sets of parents to share a three or six month membership – as long as they each commit to a minimum of two consistent days per week.

Co.Lab offers a range of amenities, including high-speed internet, stroller accessibility, nursing areas, sleep rooms with sound machines, kitchen facilities, and storage solutions for both children’s belongings and office supplies.

CoLab maintains a close maximum ratio of 1:4 between caretaker and child, ensuring consistency in staff and fostering authentic connections. Once someone who meets our standards joins our team, we hold on to them long term (therefore, often our ratio is closer than the minimum of 1:4, sometimes reaching as intimate as 1:2) thereupon highlighting the priority of consistent quality care. By maintaining full-time memberships and consistent team members, CoLab helps children form strong bonds with caretakers, creating a secure and loving environment. 


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