Chanukah Camp

Chanukah Camp

Chanukah Camp

When frying sufganiyot, why do we want the dough to float to the surface? How much oil do sufganiot and latkes really absorb and why? Join us for ChefLab’s ideal holiday as we cover density, osmosis, the states of matter and so much more in the most delicious way possible!

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I simply couldn’t settle on a spelling! So we’ve decided to go with them all ☺

What’s in store?

Day 1 – Chanukah: The states of matter/How oil candles congeal when they cool and burn when they melt. We will make our very own candle out of edible materials!
On the topic of matter, we’ll take this opportunity to explore the water cycle as we learn about evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and transpiration.
We’ll make our own chanuka gelt from melting solid chocolate into liquid to shape our coins and then cool them back into solid gelt.

Day 2 – Hanukkah: Oil vs. water density. Are all liquids created equal? Why don’t oil and water mix and how can we “change” that? How come oil burns when heated while water evaporates?
When frying sufganiyot, why do we want the dough to float to the surface? We will make our very own colorful oil chanukiot and explore the difference between water-based coloring to oil/powder based.

Day 3 – Chrismukkah: Why are there no pine trees anywhere?! We can’t live in Israel and learn about oil without focusing on olives!
We will learn all about the olive tree, where it grows and why it’s a suitable tree for Israel’s climate.
Then, we’ll make our very own olive treats to take home.

Day 4 – Chanuka: Osmosis: How much oil do sufganiot and latkes really absorb and why?
Does the heat of the oil affect how it gets absorbed? Do all oils burn at the same heat?
Just how miraculous is the idea of olive oil burning for 8 days? Now, Time to make our own latkes and donuts!

Date: dec 14-17
Time 9:00-14:00



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