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ChefLab Tzaharon is a private daily afternoon program which offers an integrated Montessori style model of purposeful play through art, language, and cultural studies.  At ChefLab, we educate the whole child and develop curriculum that supports each individual child’s cognitive, emotional, moral, and social development. 

Children reach our care excited to see their friends (and possibly “hangry”!) Once they get sustenance in their bellies they are directed into separate Tzaharon groups: primary (Pre K/K)  and elementary (Grades 1-3) where they are given clear guidelines to help transition from one academic structure to another.

what to expect

Social, emotional and cultural curriculum

Our key objective is to provide a safe, empowering and enriching environment for your child. We believe that children deserve an integrated education philosophy and engage our students in English language, art, history, science and cultural Judiac studies.  Guided by Montessori style education and materials, we encourage learning through exploration and allow for freedom within limitation.  

Classroom model:

Teaching and Learning at ChefLab is student centered. SCI (student-centered instruction) focuses on skills and practices that enable lifelong learning and independent problem-solving. We strive to develop learner independence by providing skills for how to learn and supporting students to create their own road map toward success.

ChefLab Montessori style materials are explored through whole group, small group, and individual activities. We use mixed age groups, placing children into leadership roles and supporting children to learn from their peers. These mixed age groups enable us to support children’s development based on their abilities as opposed to age or grade level.

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Hot lunch every day

ChefLab meals are kosher and vegetarian. Our proteins are dairy, fish or plant based. Both Tzaharon groups are welcomed together with a hot nutritious meal made up of protein, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables. Our vegetarian menu will interrelate with our focus on cultural studies. Each day of the week is dedicated to a different cuisine from around the globe.

work and play

reinforcing positive behavior and language during independent play

Peaceful. Responsible. Considerate. Aware. Respectful. Cooperative. Kind. Caring. Perseverance. Compromise.

These are words the children learn to apply during their independant work-time. When a child notices a friend behaving accordingly, they place their name in our “fish bowl”. At the end of each week we go fishing!

Our students learn to be intentional, patient and self-reflective. They make choices and take responsibility for their own learning and their materials while being respectful and aware of their environment.

never stop learning because life never stops teaching  

Children carry the past, present, and future.

a lesson a day

from Monet to JFK

Art. Geography. Science. History and Jewish Tradition.

ChefLab Tzaharon implements an academically challenging curriculum in a calm and intentional environment. At ChefLab we work hard to strike a balance between academic rigor and respecting the pace of an individual child’s development.

Our curriculum covers famous artists and their unique styles, famous world landmarks and state flags. It introduces the timeline of Jewish history as we learn the source of our holidays and get to know our ancestors. We will engage our imagination in famous mythology and ALWAYS explore the world around us – it’s science.

While ChefLab at its core is a science based program, we do not disregard or disrespect creationism in any way.  At ChefLab Tzaharon, every unit is woven into another to form a web that supports a child’s innate drive to find meaning in life. This is manifested through a holistic Montessori- based curriculum in which students become attuned to the interconnectedness of all things.


English language arts

Language can be spoken, heard, written, and read.

Our initial focus of the Language area is to set up a purpose for learning literacy skills by providing exposure to print in the environment, introducing parts of speech, reading to children and engaging in sensorial writing activities.

Elementary aged students focus on building foundational skills for becoming lifelong readers. Children will develop skills in decoding and phonics, grammar and word study, fluency and writing.

extra curriculars

special Chugim twice a week

We invite outside extra curricular activities to join our learning fun! Among the chugim options are: Art, Music and Yoga! Our groups of 12 children are lead by two teachers at all times and often three during chugim periods. 

In addition to visiting chugim, the ChefLab kitchen offers a safe creative cooking space where exploration with all senses is encouraged! Children will get to develop their cooking skills by preparing a food related to what they are studying – classic ChefLab style


Let's get cooking!

IT 'AINT ChefLab Without The Chef(s)

Guide each child along their individual path. Proverbs 22.6

individuality within community 

ChefLab welcomes and supports all beliefs and practices

We strive to create a community where diversity is a chance to learn, and empathy replaces judgement. We are a community of warmth, confidence, and understanding.

“There is no I in team, but there is an I in win”. – Michael Jordan 

In other words: To be responsible, keep your promises to others. To be successful, keep your promises to yourself.

As an individual, I am determined to see the whole child. I see it as my responsibility to know who your children are, how they learn, and what they need.  As a community, the ChefLab learning experience is designed to support and challenge each-other as part of a team through peer communication and individual responsibility.


the small print

Tzaharon hours are Sunday-Thursday *13:00 -16:30 and includes pick-up from select locations within Tel-Aviv.  The 2021/22 year runs September 1st – July 15th not including school holidays.

ChefLab runs exclusive day camps during school holidays (Sukkot, Chanuka, and Pesach) to which Tzaharon members are entitled to an introductory 15% discount and given priority on a first-come first-served basis.

*pick up begins at 13:00. Tzaharon begins at 14:00. 


ChefLab is a Montessori inspired after-school program that teaches science through cooking. We provide a child-centered environment where lessons are always a hands-on experience and curiosity drives our course of learning. 

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I am interested in ChefLab transportation from my child's local gan/ school to Cheflab Tzaharon

Tel Aviv is small but so are children’s little legs ;) We happily offer a daily car service option, chaperoned by ChefLab staff from select locations outside of walking distance to Tzaharon . We use Yulzari car services – an experienced, safe and well esteemed car service. *Please note that children under 7 years of age require a booster seat which is provided by you at the beginning of the year and brought to gan with with your child.