ChefLab Tzaharon is a private  daily afternoon program which offers an integrated Montessori style model of purposeful play through art, language, and cultural studies. 

Children reach our care after a day in gan, excited to see their friends, (and possibly “hangry”!) Once they get sustenance in their bellies they are given clear guidelines to help transition from one academic structure to another.

what to expect

Social, emotional and cultural curriculum

While we acknowledge we are not a gan, we believe in providing an enriching environment for your child. Guided by Montessori style education and materials,
we encourage learning through exploration and allow for freedom within limitation.

We believe that children deserve an integrated education philosophy and engage our students in art, history, science and cultural Judiac studies.

our schedule:


Hot lunch every day

ChefLab meals are kosher and vegetarian. Our proteins are dairy, fish or plant based. Children are welcomed everyday with a hot nutritious meal made up of protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

Play: Never stop learning because life never stops teaching

reinforcing positive behavior and language during independent free play 

Peaceful. Responsible. Considerate. Aware. Respectful. Cooperative. Kind. Caring. Perseverance. Compromise.

These are words the children learn to apply during their free time. When a child notices a friend behaving accordingly, they place their name in our “fish bowl”. At the end of each week we go fishing!

Our students learn to be intentional, patient and self-reflective. They make choices and take responsibility for their own learning and their materials while being respectful and aware of their environment

a lesson a day

keeps the bordom away

Art. Geography. Science. History and Jewish Tradition.

Our curriculum covers famous artists and their unique styles, famous world landmarks and state flags. It introduces the timeline of Jewish history as we learn the source of our holidays and get to know our ancestors. We will engage our imagination in famous mythology and ALWAYS explore the world around us – it’s science.

While ChefLab at its core is a science based program, we do not disregard or disrespect creationism in any way.  At ChefLab Tzaharon, every unit is woven into another to form a web that supports a child’s innate drive to find meaning in life. This is manifested through a holistic Montessori- based curriculum in which students become attuned to the interconnectedness of all things.

Children carry the past, present, and future.


extra curriculars

special Chugim twice a week

We invite outside extra curricular activities to join our learning fun! Among the chugim options are: Paint pottery, English, Drama and Yoga! Our groups of 12 – 14 children are lead by two teachers at all times and often three during chugim periods.

 In addition to visiting chugim, the ChefLab kitchen offers a safe creative cooking space where exploration with all senses is encouraged EVERY DAY! Children will prepare either their own healthy desert, part of their lunch for tomorrow or a food related to what they are studying – classic ChefLab style.


Let's get cooking!

IT 'AINT ChefLab Without The Chef(s)

the small print

Tzaharon hours are Sunday-Thursday *13:30 -16:30 and includes pick-up from select Ganim within the old north of Tel-Aviv.  The 2020/21 year runs September 1st – July 22nd not including school holidays.

ChefLab runs exclusive day camps during school holidays (Sukkot, Chanuka, and Pesach) to which Tzaharon members are entitled to an introductory 20% discount and given priority on a first-come first-served basis.

*pick up from ganim begins at 13:30. Tzaharon begins at 14:00. 


ChefLab is a Montessori inspired after-school program that teaches science through cooking. We provide a child-centered environment where lessons are always a hands-on experience and curiosity drives our course of learning. 

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