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With the sense of accomplishment comes the taste of success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to embody a culture of researched based and curiosity driven learning and give our students the tools to navigate through it in a prepared environment where exploration with all senses is encouraged.

Sense based learning is supported by students developing an ability to make intentional choices as they fully connect to their learning process. Guided by the Montessori philosophy based on the principle of free choice of purposeful activity, with its carefully curated curriculum, ChefLab designed a program that is uniquely positioned to deliver on this ideal. 

ChefLab is a new educational system which combines innovative methodologies and tools that activate the senses. We believe that children deserve an integrated education philosophy and that sensorial learning develops a deeper appreciation for nourishing our growing minds and bodies.

Using ChefLab’s sense-based approach to learning, children are able to better comprehend, compartmentalize, and digest the world of information by which they are surrounded. Our students savor their experiences from an early age resulting in a long lasting education.

ChefLab welcomes all beliefs and practices. We strive to build a community where diversity is a chance to learn, and empathy replaces judgement. We are a community of warmth, confidence, and understanding.

Prioritizing sensory skills beyond sight and sound alone, ChefLab serves a diversity of students who may connect with less conventional ways of learning. As an individual, I am determined to know who your children are, how they learn, and what they need.  As a community, the ChefLab learning experience is designed to support and challenge each-other as part of a team through peer communication and individual responsibility.


ChefLab’s exclusive dual curriculum compliments its class model. Before entering the kitchen-lab, children are presented with Montessori -style custom made materials designed to peak their curiosity and invite independent activity. Once mastered, ChefLab’ers remove their lab coats, don their chef-hats, and experiment with edible ingredients to apply what they’ve learned – ChefLab style.


ChefLab’s daily afternoon programs offer a sensory focused and integrated Montessori- style model of purposeful exploration through art, language, science and cultural studies. Our carefully curated curriculum is designed to support each child’s cognitive, emotional, moral, and social development engaging all five senses as they create their own road map toward success.

A Sensational Curriculum

ChefLab’s multi-dimensional, sense based curriculum keeps our minds and hands busy manipulating materials, solving problems independently, and building self-confidence while tasting the satisfaction that comes from accomplishments.

Guide each child along their individual path - Proverbs 22.6

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Inspired by the Montessori black-line masters, we create simple to use, aesthetically appealing, and self-correcting Montessori-style materials. Taylor made to meet your child’s needs, as their exploration continues, the materials interrelate and build upon each other as they grow.